There are three major steps to creating a character.

Paths Edit

On new character creation, the first thing you do is select your path. There are three paths:

  1. Mutant
  2. Stark One
  3. Wildcat

Archetype Edit

There are four archetypes:

  1. Aggressive: Brutal warrior, focuses on offensive potential. Good at inflicting damage, but not very agile and medium stamina. Uses blunt or pole weapons.
  2. Tactician: Balanced warrior, focuses on precision in attack and defense. Good at hitting and parrying, but medium strength and stamina. Uses pole or slashing weapons.
  3. Agile: Light warrior, focuses on speed and dexterity. Good at dodging blows, but fragile. Uses brawl or slashing weapons.
  4. Tank: Defensive warrior, focuses on defense and endurance. Good armor and shield skills, but medium offensive ability. Uses blunt or slashing weapons.